Access Information: Artbeat Studio

Artbeat Studio is located on the fourth floor of 62 Albert Street. 

Getting to Artbeat

There is no dedicated parking for artists or visitors, but there is a paid parkade about half a block away and paid metered parking in front of the building and on streets nearby. Parking at meters is free for one hour during the day, and for unlimited time after 5:30 pm. There are bus stops within a few blocks serviced by the 16, 17, 18, 20, 31, 32, 35, 42, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 58, 65, and 66. 

More parking information is available here.

Getting to our space

There is one step at the main entrance of the building, followed by three steps with a railing on the right side leading up to the elevator (on the left). The front door is not power-operated and not lightweight. It has a clear width of 33 inches/84 cm. If you will need assistance opening the door, please call 204-943-5194 and a staff member can meet you. 

Front door of 62 Albert with 1 step







An entrance with a gradual slope to level threshold is available on the south side of the building (to the left of front entrance) in an adjacent gravel parking lot. This door is not power operated and is locked at all times. If you would like to use this entrance, please phone the studio before you arrive and someone will meet you downstairs to open the door. This door has a clear width of 33.5 inches/85 cm.



From that door, you round the corner to the right to get to the elevator. There is a fully glass wall and door between this entrance and the elevator. The glass door is almost always propped open. There is a clear width in the doorway of 33 inches/84 cm. The lobby has low-pile carpet, and may also have rubberized carpet mats laid overtop at some times.



Artbeat Studio is accessible by elevator with raised numbers and braille, and no audible floor announcements. The elevator doors open to a clear width of 35 inches/89 cm.

You can take the elevator to the fourth floor and it opens directly into our lobby. If you’re coming for an event, this is where the artwork is displayed. If you are visiting for another reason, the receptionist will help you. 




The reception counter is 42.5 inches/108 cm tall, but on the left end of the counter is a lower surface, 35 inches/89 cm above the floor.

If there is no receptionist at the desk, please come to the office on the right side of the lobby (pictured here in relation to the elevator door) and someone will be able to assist you. 

Inside our space

Flooring throughout the studio space is generally level. There is a combination of hardwood and tile, with a low-pile carpet laid on top of the hardwood into the lounge area.

Two gender-neutral large universal washrooms are available on the same floor but outside of the exhibit space, so if you’re here for an event this may   require alerting staff if needed. These washrooms have transfer space on the right side of the toilet and one grab bar on the left side. They have pedestal sinks with taps that must be turned. Paper towel dispensers may be too high to operate from a seated position; staff can make paper towels available before washroom use.  Doors open to a clear width of just over 29 inches/74 cm.

Environmental Sensitivity Information

There is often a strong smell of incense in the elevator. This is due to tenants/visitors to other spaces in the building and outside of Artbeat’s control. Occasionally a beeswax candle is burned in the Artbeat space, usually in early afternoon. Artbeat regularly wipes down surfaces with “Lysol Advanced Disinfecting Wipes” in unscented or citrus varieties. If you are an incoming artist in residence, please communicate any sensitivities to the studio facilitator and the artists will work as a group to try to accommodate your needs during the residency.

More information about access for studios and other artists’ areas coming later this summer!

If you have any other questions not answered by this information, you can email us at contact[at] or call 204-943-5194.