Apart, Together: Pandemic Life in a Box


Artbeat Studio is proud to present a digital walkthrough of our showing of work produced since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Check Out our Virtual Tour Below!


The vision behind this project is to capture individual experiences and perspectives of living through the COVID-19 pandemic. These personal expressions have been installed together, representing one collective and dynamic community experience – we are together in spirit even when physically in isolation. Apart, Together exists as a time capsule of this unprecedented time in history, an exercise in self-expression through art as a vital component of mental health, and a celebration of our diverse, resilient community. 

We hope to be able to present this exhibition in person (with limited attendance and strict COVID-19 safety regulations) later during Culture Days - please keep an eye out for that event!




In March, Artbeat had to suspend its in-person programming, including its regular workshops at drop-in community gathering space, Studio Central. While programming continued online, there was still the desire to create something collaborative. Residents and community members of Winnipeg’s central area were invited to contribute to this installation, including Artbeat Studio Residency Alumni, Studio Central volunteers and participants, the IRCOM after school program, and Central Neighbourhoods 55+ Wellbeing kit recipients.







With support from Central Neighbourhoods Winnipeg, each artist was given a shadowbox and a collection of miscellaneous art supplies, including glitter, paper, pom-poms, beads, string, glue, and paint. These supplies were used to capture a representation of each artist’s thoughts and feelings while isolated. 

View our exhibition and many other local artist's work for Culture Days during the month of October. View our page on their website here!

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