Illumination: Artbeat Annual 1


The  inaugural issue of the Artbeat Annual contains a spectacular collection of artworks including acrylics, oils, pastel, textiles, stained glass, clay sculpture, and much more. Illumination features missives by The Rt. Hon. Edward R. Schreyer, Lorraine St-Hilaire SNJM, Dr. Michael Eleff, and Pierre Arpin.

Full colour. 40 pages.


Profiled Artists:

Crashing Lightness (1st Biannual Art Exhibit)

James Adamson
Yuri Andrejowich
Ron Arnason †
Michaeline Merkeley
Marcel Scholte
Victoria C. Rondeau-Shimaro
Ryan Smoluk

Nightlight (2nd Biannual Art Exhibit)

Marcus Bauer
Barbara Chatelain
Tara Davis
Chris Johnson
Kelvin Adair Free
Rob Neville
Henry Peters
Karen Reimer
Cynthia Villwock