Inside Out


Inside Out is a powerful and educational film created by Artbeat Studio founder and studio facilitator Nigel Bart.


“Inside Out was created in 1996 for a fine arts class under the direction of Diana Thorneycroft. My intent was to educate my classmates about schizophrenia by revealing my inside. The project guidelines were to create a suitcase with an inside and an outside.

I am hopeful that Inside Out will educate the public and create support against the stigma of mental illness.

To me, art is incredibly cathartic and helps me make sense out of chaos. Inside Out has helped me create something positive out of a negative experience.”

– Nigel Bart

DVD Video Disc
Languages: English, French
Running Time: 7 min 30 sec
© 2009 Artbeat Studio, Inc.
Made in Winnipeg, MB, Canada