Kaleidoscope Online | Place a Bet! Love! Oh! To Love!: Richard Edwards

Me Lad! Give It, But A Chance,

Me Lad! Give it A Chance

I Tell Ye! I Speak Of Romance!


Me Lad! Give It A Chance!

Me Lad! Place A Bet To Place!

I Tell Ye! It Can Make The Blind to See


Me Lad! Put A Farthing On It To Bet It To Show

Me Lad! Give It A Chance

I Tell Ye! Bet It On Thee!


Me Lad! It Will Always Come in To Win, Place or Show!

Me Lad! I Tell Ye It Is Not A Sin

I Tell Ye! To Believe!


ME Lad! It Will Come In TO Win! Love ON! Ho To Love!

Me Lad! To Give It Half A Chance!

I Tell Ye! The Steed Will Succeed!


Me Lad! Place A Six Pence On It!

Me Lad! Romance!

I Tell Ye! Give Love Half A Chance!



Richard’s  creative thoughts are not controlled or conditioned. He is positive with his means with which to express his opinions.  His thoughts are positive when he is willing to create ideas down on paper, as can be read in a new book of poetry and tales that he co-authored with Joyce Lancaster entitled, “Sunnybrook: Poems and Tales”,  published by Chickenbus Tales (2016).

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