Kaleidoscope Online | Real? : Robert St. Germain

What is real to me may not be real to you.

If only you could understand what I am going through.

The things inside my head, they all seem so concrete.

And they all attack like animals when I am feeling weak.

How could I tell what is real or perceived in my mind?

Sometimes some peace is hard to find.

I can sit and pretend it is all a game.

Every time I try to break out I feel just the same.

Maybe I’ll get better, or this will never be done.

There are others out there like me,

so at least I am not the only one.

Robert is a writer “from all of the days fragmented and found.”  He finds time to share that writing at weekly Writers Circle meetings held at Studio Central in downtown Winnipeg.  His  main influences are Gothic and heavy metal culture, but is inspired by love and humour. He also loves reading comic books and watching television.

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