Kaleidoscope Online | Winter: Joyce Lancaster

Winter’s thaw

global warming extreme cold

or hot temperatures

I hear that the environment is suffering



Lack of icebergs melting

the polar bears might have no homes

the pollution is happening by the amounts of chemicals

that have came into the air and our earthly home



children can have a healthy

so our future planet we should keep recycling

so our children and animals can be happier

on this earth, that belongs to us all.

Joyce has been writing since 1978 and has recently co-authored a book with Richard Edwards entitled, “Sunnybrook: Poems and Tales”(2016).   She also took a course in writing at ILRC.  She met Ernie and Lucille of Artbeat Studio five years ago and attended workshops and worked reception at Studio Central for several years.   She enjoys sharing her creativity with others at the Writer’s Circle at Studio Central in Winnipeg.  She has Cerebral Palsy and depression.  Her outlook is improved by being able to speak her mind and allow others to see what she has to offer.  Currently she has been doing volunteer work at Studio Central and the Stroke Recovery Association.

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