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During this time of social distancing, we’re thankful to share all forms of artistic expression as it promotes healing, empowerment, and community! Here at Artbeat Studio, we are committed to decreasing stigma and discrimination that coincides with mental illness and poverty through positive action, mental health education, and advocacy. Tune in to our Facebook page Friday’s at 1pm for community-based, peer-directed art demonstrations LIVE from Upbeat Artworks. All our workshops presented onsite at Studio Central are recorded and later edited together for a quick 10-20 minute video! These new videos are posted every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on our YouTube! 

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Creative Prompts and Art Challenges

Artbeat Studio is committed to providing opportunities for empowerment and healing as well as decreasing barriers that coincide with mental health struggles and poverty. We do this through positive action, mental health education, and advocacy. Part of the positive action that we can participate in at this moment in time is to convert our urban arts center programming to our online platforms! All are welcome to join us to stay connected to each other and keep our minds + hearts full during this time of social distancing.

Need a little inspiration for your next art masterpiece? Each of our art challenges can be completed within 10 minutes and bring a little creativity into your day! Make sure to tag us and use #artchallengewpg so we can share it on our social media!


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Kaleidoscope Poetry

Kaleidoscope Online is an initiative of Artbeat Studio featuring the creative writing of persons with lived experience of mental health-related illness.

The purpose of kaleidoscope’s monthly publication is to increase awareness of the individual’s role in recovery, to create an adaptive way for individuals with mental health experiences to express themselves through artistic endeavors, and to raise provincial, national and international awareness of mental health issues.

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Helpful Links

Here are many links to help guide you to different art resources along with many health facilities that specialize in mental wellbeing. 

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