OPEN BOOK: Mental Wellness Companion Journal – Digital Download

Our collaborative mental wellness journal, published in 2021 with generous funding from the Victoria General Hospital Foundation, is now available online for FREE digital download in large print format and a translated version in Somali thanks to the generous folks of Central Neighbourhoods Winnipeg.


How to Use This Journal

The idea for Open Book: A Mental Health Companion Journal came like a
bolt of lightning - fast and unexpected. The community of Artbeat Studio
alumni artists, who use creative practices to help in their mental health
recovery journey, have filled this journal with artworks, poetry, helpful
sayings, powerful stories, and activity suggestions to spark your creative
mind and invoke feelings of community connection. Know that you are
not alone in your journey to mental wellness, and it is an ongoing process
for us all.

So, how do you use this journal? Any way you want! You can go
through it in order or open it to a random page every time. You can
use it every day, every week, or just when you feel like it. Some
pages may resonate more with you than others, so take what
works for you and be empowered to incorporate those aspects into
your daily life! We encourage you to be an open book with your
journal and don’t be afraid to unleash your creativity and explore
new ideas. There are no judgements here and we wish you well on
your journey.




The activities in this journal are based on lived experience.

None of these should replace any plan or activities that your doctor, therapist, or other mental health worker has created with you. Just because something is helpful to someone else does not mean it necessarily will work for you. Long-term solutions and habits are also important parts of self-care that this journal may not provide for you. Wellness looks different for everyone! We can’t guarantee it, but hope that some of the things in this journal might help you in maintaining it.