Artbeat Studio is a mental health consumer initiated, peer directed, and recovery oriented program. This community-based studio accommodates artists whose mental health, social connection, and income make it impracticable for them, individually, to acquire a workspace where they might advance their artistic technique safely and securely.

The artists are supported and mentored in managing their own workplace, production, and marketing within the operating parameters of the studio.

Artbeat Studio accommodates a group of 8 artist applicants per 6 month period.

The Selection Process

Artbeat Studio accommodates a group of up to 8 artist applicants per 6 month period. Applicants must be 18 years of age or older. Applications are accepted year round.

Note: Artbeat Studio is a new organization and the artists selected will be involved in shaping the operating procedures and practices to be adopted and implemented. This “uncharted journey” will require considerable flexibility, openness and the willingness to learn as we go.

For any assistance in completing the application form and/or general information about Artbeat Studio, please call us at (204) 943-5194 or write us at

1. Personal Tour

Prior to applying, a personal tour of the Artbeat Studio facility is strongly recommended. Please call to schedule a tour, which are offered weekly on Thursdays, and take approximately 30 minutes.

2. Application

Applicants submit a completed “application form”, resume, and letter of support and three references. Be sure to review the

Artist Application for Residency

Resident Artist Policies 
Outlines Artbeat Studio’s Health and Safety Considerations, Studio Facilities and Office Resources, and Artist Community Matters.

To download the Artist Application for Residency and Resident Artist Policies, see the download links in the right sidebar.

3. Intake Interviews

Intake interviews occur December and June each year. A selection panel consists of the Studio Facilitator, Executive Director, a board representative, a professional artist, Artbeat alumni artist and a healthcare professional. Artists may choose to have their “mental health support person” accompany them at the interview. Portfolio (sample of artwork) is required for the interview.

4. Orientation Period

Artists participate in a 30-day orientation period demonstrating their interest in and suitability for pursuing services available through Artbeat Studio. Terms of an “agreement” between the individual artist and Artbeat Studio are confirmed based on mutual satisfaction at the end of this period.

ready to apply?

If you’ve come for your personal tour of Artbeat, you can download the application form below, and submit it in person to Artbeat Studio, via fax at (204) 943-9973, or via email at

Artist Application for Residency (PDF) Artist Application for Residency (Word) Resident Artist Policies (PDF)
In the event that an applicant is not selected, they are encouraged to submit a formal follow-up letter near the time of the next available 6 month period, in which case the application will be re-submitted.

Waiting applicants are also encouraged to visit and volunteer at our urban arts center, Studio Central. Click here for more information about Artbeat Studio’s volunteer program.