altered photos: a play of perspective

November 28, 2013

a collaborative work of art

facilitated by Stew McCulloch and Laurie Green

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about the exhibit

We view things not only from different sides, but with different eyes; we have no wish to find them alike. - Blaise Pascal
Altered Images: A Play of Perspective is a series of 38 panels created by 10 artists in the fall of 2013 for the SOGH-ER corridor. This installation is a result of a partnership between Seven Oaks General Hospital and Artbeat Studio: Studio Central. This is the 3rd exhibit to go up at SOGH, with a new exhibit rotating every six months. This project was facilitated by Studio Central artists Stew McCulloch & Laurie Green.

10 artists were each given four black-and-white photographic prints shot by photographers L.B. Foote, Laurie Green and Stew McCulloch of Winnipeg’s downtown area (Central Park & The Exchange). Each artist was given free-rein to enhance the photos with his/her own artistic touch. The results vary from simple to extraordinary, representing a wide range of media and artistic influences.

The theme of the exhibit calls attention to the different perspectives & points of view of the individual. Even though every artist was given the exact same images, each set of pictures has been uniquely altered to create distinct re-interpretations and contextualizations.




  • James Adamson
  • Kelvin Free
  • Joey Guimonde
  • Katrina Koltek
  • Cassandra Kulay

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  • Marcus Bauer
  • Laurie Green
  • Hildi Janzen
  • Mark Kosatsky
  • Stew McCulloch



To inquire about purchasing works from the exhibit, please contact Studio Central at 1(204)943.8290 or