Studio Central is a project of Artbeat Studio Inc. Programming at Studio Central aims to facilitate the production of art as a means of inspiring personal passion, connecting generations, bridging diverse groups, and serving as a catalyzing symbol of the people as a community.


Studio Central Urban Arts Centre provides supportive, free creative programming for adults in downtown Winnipeg in an inclusive, safer place to build community. Our goal is to inspire personal creative passions while connecting with artists in an inclusive, empowering space. At Studio Central, participants can work on any personal art projects at large tables in an open studio and store works-in-progress in a shared art storage cabinet. There are daily facilitated art technique workshops lead by Artbeat alumni or other community members and on Thursdays the studio hosts a creative writing circle.

Engaging in the volunteer program provides participants with different opportunities to contribute and enhance their current strengths and interests. Volunteers are continually guided, and supported by the S.C. program director, additional support staff, and long-time volunteer mentors. Volunteers are an important part of our community and are encouraged to engage in activities, workshops and art making before or after their shift or on their off-work days.

What We Are Looking For

Adhere to and promote Studio Central’s values of “Mindfulness + Respect = Community”. This means to practice mindfulness (being kind to yourself, being present in the moment, and being aware of how your actions, words may affect others), respect others (refrain from any form or harassment or discrimination, offer encouragement if desired, maintain confidentiality of conversations shared or overheard) and respect the space (clean up after yourself, do not misuse or damage books, furniture, or borrowed materials). These together are what can help build a healthy community.

Be responsive to meeting with the S.C. program director or other support staff to determine suitability for your desired volunteer role, set schedules, and receive constructive feedback on performance as a volunteer.

Complete volunteer duties according to the specific ‘volunteer role description’ to the best of one’s ability.

Conduct oneself in a professional manor. We value creativity and community building in S.C. and expect our volunteers to acknowledge and do the same.

  • Appreciation Events are held where the contributions of each volunteer are acknowledged and celebrated
  • Volunteers receive a certificate indicating the volunteer’s role(s) and accumulated volunteer time. On request, volunteers receive a personal and performance-based ‘letter of reference’ from Studio Central.

Available Positions

Studio Operations

  • Volunteer roles include: reception, hospitality, storage/inventory, studio optics, tour guide, art exhibition monitor
  • Volunteers commit to 10 volunteer dates (20 hours) at the time the agreement is signed.
  • At the end of a ten-session term, an evaluation/reflection occurs.  The completed agreements provide a basis for Letters of Reference, resume updates and other performance-based assessments if these are requested by the artist.
  • Volunteers having completed their ten-session term are invited to consider a different Studio Operations role.
  • Volunteers who have rotated through all Studio Operations roles are highly valued role at SC and are recognized for their ability to:
    • Orient and support other volunteers in their Studio Operations role.
    • Substitute for volunteers unable to complete their shift.
    • Assist with the improvement of Volunteer Program Development

Creative Technique presenter

  • Knowledgeable, skilled and experienced in the technique (tools, materials, applications) being presented
  • Comfortable speaking to demonstrating the technique to a small group and facilitating their exploration of a specific medium.
  • Emphasis of the instruction is on the process (technique) not the product.

Ready To Apply?

Download the application form below, and submit it in person to Studio Central, or via email to studiocentral@artbeatstudio.ca.

Volunteer Application


Your support will have a direct and positive impact on the Artbeat community.

If you share our values, we invite you to consider making a donation. To learn more about how you can donate, please visit our donation page. Thank you for your generosity.