Programs Offered At Artbeat

Artbeat offers three main programs for artists.

Artist Residency

Artbeat Studio is a community-based program that supports artists with mental health challenges who may have difficulty finding a safe and secure workspace on their own. The program provides a supportive environment where artists can manage their own workspace, production, and marketing with guidance from Studio Facilitator Lisa Obirek and other Artbeat staff and volunteers. More information is available online, or you can contact us directly for further details.

Studio Central

Studio Central is a project run by Artbeat Studio Inc. Its goal is to foster the creation of art as a way of inspiring personal fulfillment, connecting different generations and communities, and promoting the values of togetherness and collaboration. The studio is located on the second floor of the Portage Place Shopping Centre and is primarily focused on serving the Central Park and North Portage areas. While its programming is open to individuals aged 18 and over, teenagers can also participate if accompanied by an adult.

Upbeat Artworks

Upbeat Artworks is a special collection of original artwork that showcases the personal journeys of mental health recovery through creative expression. Each exhibited work represents a unique story of an artist’s healing process. By sharing their stories, artists invite patrons to experience the transformative power of art. Whether it’s to raise awareness, express gratitude, or simply connect with others, Upbeat Artworks offers a platform for artists to share their stories with a wider audience.
Dec 04, 2023

37th Biannual: ;bound…

 artbeat studio presents the 37th biannual exhibition ;bound... opening reception Friday, December 15th, 2023, 7-9 PM...

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