People of the Peg: Documentary Supporting Artbeat Studio

February 25, 2016

Artbeat Studio is pleased to announce the support of Kanisha Szekely’s film People of the Peg: Discover Winnipeg’s Art, featuring Artbeat Studio alumnus Benj Funk. All proceeds from this film will go toward Artbeat Studio.

You can donate online or purchase a ticket to the screening event on February 25, 2016 at 441 Main Street. Tickets are $15/each. Contact Kanisha Szekely via email ( or by phone/text 2048907942.


People of the Peg: Discover Winnipeg’s Art – Trailer from Kanisha Szekely on Vimeo.

the film

“People of the Peg: Discover Winnipeg’s Art is a three-part mini-documentary featuring three Winnipeg artists who have been affected by mental illness. Not only does this film focus on how each artist uses art as an outlet and coping mechanism, but it also emphasizes the importance of art.

Our goal is to reduce the stigma against mental illness, open a conversation about the effects of mental illness, and to inspire people to pursue art in any form.

We hope to raise $1500 for this charity. You can help by attending the screening event in February 2016, or by donating online.” [hr]

the creator

Kanisha Szekely is a photographer and graphic designer. She is an full-time advertising major finishing her second year of Creative Communications. Having a heavy interest in art therapy, she started the project in early 2015 as a part of her independent personal project for the course. [hr]

meet the artists


Janarose Erickson is a 21 year old student at the University of Manitoba. She’s currently studying criminology and hopes to become a criminal defense lawyer. Janarose is diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. Since she was young, she feels intense emotions such as extreme anger to bouts of depression. She uses writing as a way to jot down her intense thoughts and is currently writing a book for teenagers who are struggling with borderline personality disorder. Janarose also uses modelling to escape her intense emotions.


With a love for photography, painting, music, and writing — Benj Funk is jack of many trades specializing in graphic design and audio/visual art. After being taken to the hospital by police, Benj was diagnosed with schizophrenia when he was 13 years old. From feeling like a lost and hopeless member of society, Benj uses art to cope with his mental illness. He runs a blog called Lossy where he posts pictures of his artwork and writing inspired by his experiences with schizophrenia.


Jon Philpott is a fine arts student at the University of Manitoba who has a love to ceramic art. Although he is known for his public work such as the Winnipeg Avocado, Jon spends most of his days sitting at a potter’s wheel at the Art Barn on campus. Jon himself is faced with anxiety and depression, but he also grew up in a household with a father figure who is diagnosed with schizophrenia. He uses ceramics as an anxiety reliever and coping mechanism.