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January 26, 2017


Fundraising Thermometer:*** As of May 1, 2017, we have reached our goal of $150,000!  355 generous donors (individual, group, corporate) from our community have raised $159,800! Thank you to all our generous donors!

Thanks to our generous donors![hr]

Crossroads, the 24th Biannual Exhibition, runs until Saturday. Over 200 artists have participated in Artbeat Studio's Artist-in-residency program.

Crossroads, the 24th Biannual Exhibition, January 2017. Over 200 artists have participated in Artbeat Studio’s Artist-in-residency program.

Artbeat Studio urgently needs your financial support. As we celebrate 12 years of unique community based, peer directed mental health and arts programming, we ask for your help in keeping our doors open.

We must raise $150,000 by April 30th to continue providing services that directly benefit individuals living with mental illness, for the purpose of recovery and empowerment.

Individual, group, corporate, or government donor – we need your support. Help us reach our 2017 financial need.

Will you support us in decreasing the stigma and discrimination that coincides with mental illness and poverty through positive action, mental health education, and advocacy?

Yes, I will donate to Artbeat Studio!


Help save Artbeat’s life, because it helped save mine.

 – Kyla Betker, Artbeat Studio Alumnus


The Need for Artbeat Studio in the Community

The statistics are clear. Nearly 1 in 2 Canadians (by age 40) will experience mental illness. 1 in 5 Canadians live with a mental illness each year.*

Mental illness has a substantial impact on the individual, family, and community. It affects people in all occupations, educational and income levels, and cultures. The debilitating effects of mental illness can affect a person’s relationships, employment, and overall well-being.

Barriers and risks experienced by our participants who live with serious mental illness are many and include stigma, discrimination, poverty, addictions, homelessness and suicide.


Community programs are not only cheaper to provide, they are more effective in addressing mental illness in the long-term

 – Chris Summerville (Executive Director of Manitoba Schizophrenia Society)


Artbeat Studio is truly unique- there are no similar programs in Canada.

 The benefits of Artbeat Studio extend beyond social inclusion and community participation, it has been empirically shown using both qualitative and quantitative methods to improve mental health symptoms, enhance self-esteem, and increase quality of life” **

Artbeat Studio is in its 12th year of operation and currently runs three major projects that benefit participating artists. The core artist-in-residency program has mentored over 200 artists. Studio Central, Urban Arts Centre is in its 5th year of operation and offers free-of-charge daily art programming, performances, and outreach programs which all contribute to a more vibrant and healthy community serving over 600 individuals each month. Gallery-boutique Upbeat Artworks is a  social enterprise open to the public — promoting mental health awareness through the stories and art of Artbeat Studio Alumni.

The ongoing and growing demand for Artbeat Studio’s programming attests to the real need for peer-directed, community based mental health arts programming. Every donation counts. Support healing and empowerment by donating today!

Donations are gratefully accepted online, in person at Artbeat Studio, Studio Central, and Upbeat Artworks, or by mail to:

Artbeat Studio
4-62 Albert St.
Winnipeg MB
R3B 1E9
Canadian Registered Charitable Tax Number: 857638340RR0001


Yes, I will donate to Artbeat Studio!


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* Making the Case for Investing in Mental Health in Canada.  Mental Health Commission of Canada

** El-Gabalawy, R., Bone, T., & Holm, S. (June, 2016). Participatory Arts Programs in Canada: Current status and future directions. Workshop presented at the annual Psychosocial Rehabilitation of Canada national conference: “Recovering: you & me & everyone”, Thunder Bay, ON

***Original artwork by Amy Wood. [hr]