Art Saves Lives – Thanks to Our Donors

February 23, 2017

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Donor list as of May 1, 2017.

The Fundraiser Celebration: Art Saves Lives ART AUCTION & CONCERT (Friday, April 28, 2017) raised $13,901.

Thank you to these supporting organizations:

Amy Breanne Wood Graphic Design Architects Without Borders Bart House Band Brandon University Psychiatric Nursing Program – Winnipeg Campus Dirty Catfish Brass Band Fleet Galleries Graffiti Art Programming Miles Macdonell Collegiate Student Arts Council Tara Davis Studio Boutique The Manitoba Association of School Superintendents (MASS) The Manitoba Teachers’ Society University of Winnipeg Psychology Students’ Association




Mark Ahrens-Townsend
Edward Becenko (Artwork)
Bell Let’s Talk
Rebecca Coish and D’Arcy Stearns
Kathleen Crosby (Donation and Artwork)
Dr. Peter Richard Czaplinski
Tara Davis (Artwork)
Claude Davis (Donation and Artwork)
Chris Douglas
Cindy Dyson (Artwork)
Nathan Epp
Brian Gasenzer (Artwork)
Jeff Gasenzer (Artwork)
Gina and Nelson Hoe
Jamie Hogaboam (Artwork)
Martin Lyons (In Memory of Helen Lyons)
Manitoba Teachers Society
MASS/MTS Conf Raffle
Peter McConville (Artwork)
K. McIlroy
F. David Sawchuk
Manitoba Schizophrenia Society
Sr. Carol Peloquin (Next Step, SNJM)
William Petricko
Resolute Technology Services
Manny Schulz
Kelvin Smith
The Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary
Candice and Guy Stearns
Diana Thorneycroft
The Winnipeg Foundation
Anonymous (2)

$500 – $999

Architects Without Borders
Greg Bartel (Donation and Artwork)
Neil Besner
Claire Betker
Gordon and Mona Brown
Computech Camera Repair (In Memory of Yuri Andrejowich)
Hani El-Gabalawy and Alda Butland
Kelvin Free (Artwork)
Rene E Gauthier
Chris Johnson (Artwork)
Dennis Lewycky
Bill Lobchuk (Artwork)
Lowey Insurance Agency Inc.
Michael Rennie
Ed and Deanna Traa
Jean Van Wallegham
Delaney Vun

$20 – $499

Lauren Adams
Nicholas Ahrens-Townshend
Melonee Aldred
Gordon Andrus
Arlan Group
Brenda Badiuk
Lisa Bahniuk
Leanne Baldwin
Elaine Banerjee (Artwork)
Irene Barclay
Leanza Barra
Nigel Bart (In Memory of Yuri Andrejowich)
Dietrich and Jocelyn Bartel
Ted Beadle
Misty Belcourt
Corey Benoit (Artwork)
Daniel Besner
Amy Betker (In Honour of Kyla Betker)
Claire Betker (In Honour of Kyla Betker)
Gavin Betker
Stephanie Betker (In Honour of Kyla Betker)
Lena Betker (In Honour of Kyla Betker)
Kyla Betker (Artwork)
Yvonne Block
Rick Borchert
Marie Bouchard
Patricia Bozyk
Glenda Bracken
Leslie Braun
Bonnie Bricker (In Memory of Reid Bricker)
Paul A. Brisson
David Brown
Leona Brown
Aaron Brown
Meagan Brown (Artwork)
Valerie Bunce
Donnah Burgoyne (In Honour of Nigel Bart)
Alison Burnett
Jane Burpee
Nan Campbell (In Memory of Alberta Helen Leader)
Janelle Cancade-White
Aaron Case
Nicole Chammartin
Simon Christie
Christina Christie
Annette Chyzy
John Chyzy
Karen Clements
Stephanie Cleveland
Susan Cloutier
Susan Cochrane (In Memory of Donna Cochrane)
Robert and Carol Ann Coish
Catherine Collins
Liana Condello (In Honour of Kathleen Crosby)
Corduroy Plains Ltd.
Andrew Cruikshank
Corinne Danard
Nadine Dannenberg
Lawrence Davis
Geoffery Davis (In Honour of Tara Davis Studio Boutique)
Shawna Dempsey
Raelene Derkson
Gina DeVos (In Honour of the Bart Family)
Heather Dixon
Victor Dobchuk
Helen Dowsett
Dr M. Elleff Medical Corp (In Honour of Artbeat Studio)
Debra Dusome
Renee El-Gabalawy (In Honour of the AME Victims)
Joanne Epp
Nathan Epp
Nancy Eunson
Marianne Farag
Alicia Faucher
Natanielle Felicitas
Karla Ferguson
Marion Firth
Marissa Fontaine
Craig Forman
Shirley Forsyth
Oliver Forsyth
Joseph Fraser
Richelle Friesen
Benj Funk (Artwork)
Shayla Gallagar-Cohoon
Jonathon Jackson Garwood (In Memory of Yuri Andrejowich)
Jeff Gasenzer (Gallery Framers)
Jane Gateson
Rene Gauthier
Joan Gillis
Karen Glugosh
Jason and Athea Gower-Chassie
Ronald Greening
Shanda Grier (In Memory of Leonard Grier)
Gio Guzzi
Katherine Haig-Anderson
Joshua Hampson
Karen Hardy
Judith Harper
Brent Harrop
Ethel Harrop
Harry Havey
Daniel Hawksworth
Michael Hayter (Artwork)
Michael Healy
Fraser Hebert (Artwork)
Heather Harder
Tuula Heinonen
M.M. Hemmelgarn
Joanie Hibbert
Melissa Hiebert
Joseph Hogue
Susan Holm
Kathleen Horkoff
Eric Huchison
Maureen Hughes
Kerry Hunt (In Honour of My Aunt)
E Jean Janick
Marg Janick-Grayston (In Memory of Yuri Andrejowich)
Hildi Janzen (Artwork)
Jessica Johnson (In Honour of my Friends and Family)
Bonnie Johnston (In Memory of Christopher Clewley)
Gavin and Melissa Johnstone (In Honour of Norman)
Jonah Counselling & Consulting
Erin Jonasson
Shawn Jordan
Kathryn Kalushka
Karen Kaplen
John Karpluk
Katherine Kehler
Diamond Doug Keith (Artwork)
G.K. Keith
Sandra Kerr
Rob Kirchmann
Suzanne Klassen (In Honour of Maria)
Ruth Klassen (Artwork)
Adele Kory
David Krindle (Artwork)
Karen Kyliuk
Isabelle Lafrenière (Donation and Artwork)
Rebecca Lake
Connie Lee
Renee LeNeveu (In Memory of Denise Racette Grant)
Christine and Frank Loewen
Joy Lussier
Barbara MacDonell
Irene Mackenzie
Lauchlan MacLellan
Henri and Sue Magne
Alexandra Martin (In Honour of My Uncle Donald)
Kim C McCann and Nancy Lyons
Julie-Anne McCarthy
Brenda McGavin
Rick McKay
Margot McKenzie
Jeanette Mercier
Miles Macdonell Student Arts Council
Alison Millar
Jordan Miller
Dona Monkman
Brian Moody
Tony and Alexis Mooney
Robert Morrison
Gabrielle Mundaka-Riquelme (In Honour of Veronica Riquelme)
Ryan Nagel (Artwork)
Gillian Nattress
Lori Natuik
Deanna Ng
Bev Nicholls
Danielle Nykoluk
Crystal Nykoluk
Ellen Olfert
Bernice Parent (In Honour of Dr. Renee El-Gabalawy)
Sheldon Parry (In Honour of Carlos)
PayPal Charitable Giving Fund
Marc Pelletier
Adrienne Pelletier
Elaine Penner
Corina Penner
Joanie Peters
Leslie Pinchin (In Honour of Tara Davis)
Chloe Plamondon
Liz Plett
Dan Plexman
Wendy Porter (In Memory of Stuart Taylor)
Joel Prejet
Boycee Presingular (In Honour of Nigel Bart)
Maria Heidi Presingular (In Honour of Nigel Bart)
Jason Ramm
Cali Ramsey
Brittany Read
Steven Repa (In Honour of Sam Repa)
Stephanie Robinson
Brendan Rock (Artwork)
Linda Rogers
Hai Romana (Artwork)
Shirley Rottcher
Sandy Rubinfeld (In Memory of Thelma Bronstein)
Laurel Schellenberg
Fran Schellenberg
Manny Schulz (In Honour of Kyla Betker)
Karen Schulz
Rob Shaw
Melanie Shura
Sylwia Sieminska
Elisabeth Simpson
Jennifer Smith
Kelly Southworth
Michael Stainton
Teri Stevens
Jacquelyn Stewart (In Honour of Lucille Bart)
Carolyn Strutt
David Stymeist
Lavona Susinski
Melissa Tennant (In Honour of Tara Davis)
Ingrid Thiessen
Diana Thorneycroft
Corey Ticknor
Barbara Toews
George Toles
Karen Toole
Clair Treganza
Nora Turenne
Sheri Turner
Judy Wasylycia-Leis
Debbie Watt
Josee Wiedmer (Donation and Artwork)
Kathryn Joy Winchell (In Honour of Robert Winchell)
Dorcas Windsor
Trish Wittmann
Sidney Wolchock
Ena Wonnek
Sue Wonnek (In Memory of Grant Czerepak)
Wpg Passport Office Charity Com
Donovan Yaciuk
Serena Yaworski
Roberta York
Alex Yuzwa
Anonymous (40)

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Keep up the AMAZING work – you are saving lives and making the world a better place!

This is such an important, vital organization in our community. You have my total support.

It is so rewarding to see the work that your Studio is doing for those on the path to Recovery. It is great to see how you embody this principle in the many activities that you promote and are engaged in.

Thank you for the great work you do in promoting recovery, creative expression and sharing the use of art as medicine.

I’m praying that you reach your fundraising goal of $150,000 so that Artbeat Studio can continue its excellent and much needed work.

Thank you for your work and good luck, you have my prayers

Creativity and imagination can be overlooked in the busy world we live in; it is wonderful to see how powerful and life changing these ‘taken for granted’ traits can be.

I can’t imagine Winnipeg without Artbeat Studio. Hope this little bit helps.

The neighborhood wouldn’t be the same without Artbeat. Hope this helps.

Thank you for making such a difference in people’s lives

I hope and believe you will reach your target. Your compassion and knowledge helped our family and was instrumental in helping our son find his artistic soul in the depths of depression and anxiety. Thank you for your work, your courage and your vision.

I hope your crowd fundraising is successful. You are doing good work!

Really hope we can get all the way there! Good luck people!

Best of luck at reaching your goal! We’re rooting for you!

Thank you for making such a difference in people’s lives

Many thanks for all that you do. Hoping that you get the financial support that you need to be able to keep your doors open.

I totally believe in the work you are doing at Artbeat and think of you often.

Best of luck Artbeat! Here’s hoping you blow way past $150K in the next few months

Came around on a First Friday. Was very impressed with what you do. Tara Davis is an alumni. She is now a successful entrepreneur. Congrats to Artbeat and Tara Davis.

Keep up the great work guys! I am a true believer that any form of art is essential to healing and I am first hand experience! Artbeat MUST stay open and help build a strong society and encourage healing in a creative manner. I wish you best of luck.

Artbeat is integral to the mental health of its participants. Good luck on the fundraising.

Keep up the important work and contributions you provide in the area of mental health.

Unconditional love really exists in each of us, it’s part of our deep inner being. It permeates everything around us. Artbeat is a beautiful expression of it. I believe in you and your work. It is need in our world. Miigwech for who you are & what you do.

I know the difference your organization makes to many people I have met over the years. Please know I would give 1000xs this much if I had it. You have my support and have had my support since the beginning. Stay strong, carry on.