Vibrant Lives, Vibrant Communities

Vibrant Lives, Vibrant CommunitiesEvaluating the Impacts of Studio Central Programming

Authors: Fran Schellenberg, Melissa Hiebert

November 2016

In 2011, Studio Central was established as a project of Artbeat Studio Inc. The programs at Studio Central focus on facilitating the creation of art as a means of “inspiring personal passion, connecting generations, bridging diverse groups, and serving as a catalyzing symbol of the people as a community.”

In the Spring of 2015, the executive management of Studio Central determined that given that the project was in its fifth year of operation, an evaluation of its programs was timely.

An evaluation advisory committee was established to provide input into the development of a logic model and an evaluation plan. It was determined early on that the evaluation would consider all of Studio Central programs within the context of the organization’s mission statement.

The evaluation focused on:

– Personal and professional impacts of the programs on participants, volunteers/mentors;

– Impacts on career path of Artbeat alumni in the art field; and

– Impacts on the surrounding community […]

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