Art Saves Lives 2018 – Thanks to Our Donors!

February 2, 2018

Fundraising Thermometer: As of May 22, 212 generous donors (individual, group, corporate) from our community have raised $100,005! 

The Fundraiser Celebration: Art Saves Lives ART AUCTION & CONCERT (Saturday, April 28, 2017) raised $13,316. Thank you to WOW Hospitality for hosting the event.



Mark Ahrens-Townsend
Ed Becenko
Kathleen Crosby
Claude Davis
Claude Davis Inc
Jorge Figueria
Martin Lyons (In Memory of Helen Lyons)
Peter McConville
Prairie Dawn Foundation
Heather Reichert and Dwayne Rutherford
Michael Rennie (In Memory of Eva Keilson Rennie)
Manny Schulz
Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary
The Co-Operators Foundation
United Way
Anonymous (2)

$500 – $999

St. Benedicts Table (In Honour of Kevin Grummett)
Derek and Rachelle Diddens
Kurt and Leona Schwartz
Kathleen Shellrude
Anonymous (1)

$20 – $499

70 Albert Family Trust
James Adamson
Nicholas Ahrens-Townsend
Christina Andre
Derek Barnes
Ashlee Bart
Marcia Bart (In Memory of Yuri)
Harriet Berkal (In Memory of Keith Wood)
Christian Bethge
Yvonne Block
S. Bodnar
Dave Brown
Graeme Brown
Mona Brown
Judith Burch
Pauline Cameron
Nina Cartier
Haddera Chisick (In Memory of Keith Wood)
Eleanor Chornoboy
Christina Christie
John Chyzy (In Honour of Baba)
Frances Clearwater
Lancelot Coar
Susan Cormack
K. Cymbaluk
Nadene Dannenberg
K. DeBlonde
Victor Dobchuk
Marianne Farag
Mary Fiel
Marion Firth
M. Fontaine
Kate Froese
Callen Froese
Jeff Gasenzer
Samuel Gebrekidan
Elizabeth Gould (In Memory of Keith Wood)
Jodi Griffith
Gio Guzzi
William Petricko and Russell Haggerty
Kaitie Haig-Anderson
Zoa Hartry
Linda Rodgers
Wayne Hauser
Daniel Hawksworth
Hoe Financial Ltd
Chris Hoeschen
Kathleen Horkoff
Keith House
Maureen Hughes
E. Jean Janick
Marg Janick-Grayston
Benjamin Janzen
Adam Janzen (In Honour of Claude)
Jonah Counselling Consulting
Yekaterina Kaplan
Sandra Kerr
Robert Kirchmann
David Krahn
David Krindle
Brenda Kriss
Hannah Kroeker
D. Latimer
Gale Leverton
Joy Lussier
Henri Magne
Simone Mahrenholz
Don & Shannon Malkoske
Deanne & Bill McDonald
Thomas McLeod
Kevin Midbo
Jordan Miller
Victor Minenko (In Honour of Andrew)
Mona Brown Law Corporation
Alexis Mooney
Adrienne Pelletier
Marc Pelletier
Joanie Peters (In Honour of Nigel, Lucille, Ernie and Holly)
Gordon & Donna Price
Lora Roberts
Clint Roscoe
J. Sallis (In Memory of Morgan)
Laurel Schellenberg
Michael Shaen
Phil Sheps
Sisters of Holy Names of Jesus and Mary
Kelly Southworth
Christine Strike
Carolyn Strutt
Corey, Virginia, Cedar Ticknor
Jackie Traverse
Todd Trembath
Nora Turenne
Jackie Turnbull
V. Joyce Van Koughnet
Sonya Watson
Cynthia Watson
Ron White (In Honour of Tara Davis)
Josee Wiedmer
Mae Wincott
Sue Wonnek (In Memory of Grant Czerepak)
E. Yang
Anonymous (19)

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Thanks for creating a space that brings art and healing to Winnipeg

Keep up the great work! Hugs

Always in my heart

Thank you for your continuing contribution to the Winnipeg Arts community.

To say Artbeat was instrumental in [their] recovery is a huge understatement. Artbeat provides a practical path to mental wellness which is so important for self-esteem.

I love your programs and what you offer to people! Keep up the good work!

We recognize the value of your Artbeat program and offer support.

I am so impressed with everything you are offering. May the finances flow your way to keep these valuable programs going.

You do great work. Thanks for your commitment.

Thanks for all you do

Art does save lives

Keep up the GREAT work!!!