CTV: Art Saves Lives 2018

March 18, 2018

Maralee Caruso of CTV speaks with Nigel Bart (Founder and Studio Facilitator, Artbeat Studio) and Lucille Bart (Executive Director, Artbeat Studio) about the Art Saves Lives 2018 fundraising campaign and Nigel’s retrospective exhibition Whale Calling and the Purpose of Rabbits. The exhibition runs at Cre8ery Gallery until March 27, 2018.

Watch on CTV website.[hr]

*all exhibtion proceeds towards the Art Saves Lives campaign

[hr]With the Art Saves Lives 2018 fundraising campaign, we ask for your financial support — donate today to keep Artbeat Studio alive!

Our goal of $100,000 will sustain programs that directly benefit individuals living with mental illness, for the purpose of recovery and empowerment. Individual, group, corporate, or government donor – we need your support. Help us reach our 2018 financial need.

Will you support us in decreasing the stigma and discrimination that coincides with mental illness and poverty through positive action, mental health education, and advocacy?

Yes, I will donate to Artbeat Studio![hr]

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Interested in volunteering for the campaign? Email us at contact@artbeatstudio.ca.

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