Art Saves Lives 2019 – Thanks to Our Donors!

February 20, 2019

Fundraising Thermometer: As of October 23, 119 generous donors (individual, group, corporate) from our community have raised $119,935! 


Assiniboine Credit Union
Bell Let’s Talk
Central Neighbourhoods Winnipeg
Co-operators Community Economic Development Fund
Kathleen Crosby (artwork donation)
Claude Davis
Downtown Winnipeg BIZ
Victoria Lee & Philip Hebert (In Honour of Cassandra Wolfe)
Miles Macdonell Collegiate
Elbert G. Phillips
Professional Testing (In Memory of Tatjana)
Will Petricko & Russell Haggerty
Manfred Schulz
Guy and Candice Stearns
The Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary
Winnipeg Foundation
YPO / WPO Manitoba
Art Saves Lives Benefit Concert 2019 – Ticket and Raffle Sales

$500 – $999

Mark Ahrens-Townsend
Joanie Peters (In Honour of Nigel, Lucille, Ernie, and Holly)
Kristen McLean
St. Mary’s Academy Inc. Mission Club
University of Winnipeg Psychology Students Association
Art Saves Lives Benefit Concert 2019 – Merchandise

$20 – $499

Francene Adelman
Nicholas Ahrens-Townsend
Artists Emporium (In Memory of Jonathan Garwood)
Sylvie Berthelot-Dilk (In Memory of Russell Zaretski)
Yvonne Block
Bonnie Burns
Karen Clements
Wendy Coveney
Doug Crook
Mark Davis
Joan Dennison (In memory of Russell Zaretski)
Gretchen Derige
Marie Dickinson (In Memory of Jonathon Garwood)
Domenico DiCurzio
Rachelle Diddens
Debra Dusome
Ecole Secondaire Kelvin High School
Mary Fiel (In honour of Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor)
Gayle Freed (In Memory of Keith Wood)
Rene Gauthier (In Honour of Josee)
Gina Hoe
Glen, Tracy, Kirsten, Ryan Hogan (In Memory of Russell Zaretski)
Paul Hamel
Karen Hanan
Steve and Shirley Hart (In Memory of Russell Zaretski)
Ryan Harby (artwork donation)
Lynn Hauser
Wayne Hauser
Dan Hawksworth
Joe Hogue
Kathleen Horkoff
Maureen E. Hughes
Lesley Iredale (In Honour of Kay Ames)
Diane Jones (In Honour of Linda Buchok)
Robert Kirchmann
Joseph Koensgen
Justin Lacroix
Lights Unlimited
Helen Luke
Blair Lundie
Barbara & Miles Macdonell
Don Malkoske
Christine Martin
Kristen McLean
Kathleen Mico
Alison Millar
Barry Mills (In Memory of Jonathan Garwood)
Cressida Mills (In Memory of Jonathan Garwood)
Kathleen Moore (In memory of Russell Zaretski)
James Muir
Paypal Giving Fund Canada
Marc Pelletier
Brenda Pingatore (In memory of Russell Zaretski)
Laura Potts
Linda Rodgers (In Honour of Kathleen Shellrude)
Sandy Rubinfeld (In Memory of Michelle Moyer)
Jeffrey Russenholt
Sr. Lesley Sacouman
Laurel Schellenberg
Fay Shalanda
Kenneth Shiffman
LIGHTS event Silent Auction
Kelly Southworth
Joan Stainton
D’Arcy Stearns
Gita Sud
Tangent Animation Inc.
Corey, Virginia, and Cedar Ticknor
Alexandra Topley
Delaney Vun (In Honour of Button)
Sherry Wallis (In Honour of Rhianne Favelle)
Ari Weinberg
Lee Wenaus
Wholehearted Sage
Anne Wyman
Glen and Louise Zaretski (In Memory of Russell Zaretski)
Anonymous (2) (In Memory of Russell Zaretski)
Anonymous (1) (In Memory of Jonathan Garwood)
Anonymous (7)