Studio Central is a project of Artbeat Studio Inc. Programming at Studio Central aims to facilitate the production of art as a means of inspiring personal passion, connecting generations, bridging diverse groups, and serving as a catalyzing symbol of the people as a community.

  • Participation in the volunteer program provides participants with a wide range of opportunities that are intended to contribute to their personal ‘career path’ strengths and interests.
  • Participants are mentored, guided, and supported by community volunteers, peers as well as Studio Central staff.
  • Studio Central is a participant in the EIA “Rewarding Volunteer Benefit” program. 
  • Volunteers are encouraged to become part of the community culture at Studio Central by participating in events, workshops, sessions of interest, studio upkeep and ‘friend raising’ promotions.
  • Volunteers implement programming initiated through Studio Central in a wide range of settings beyond Studio Central including; schools, other Manitoba Housing buildings, community centers, conferences, exhibits and other.

all volunteers are expected to:

  • Complete the Application
  • Meet with staff to determine their suitability for specific  roles
  • Identify areas of concern regarding their ability to assume their volunteer role
  • Complete volunteer duties according to the specific ‘volunteer role description’
  • Accept periodic and constructive  feedback on their performance as a volunteer
  • Conduct themselves professionally according to the signed Agreement

volunteers are appreciated:

  • Appreciation Events are held where the contributions of each volunteer are acknowledged and celebrated
  • Volunteers receive a certificate indicating the volunteer’s role(s) and accumulated volunteer time. On request, volunteers receive a personal and performance-based ‘letter of reference’ from Studio Central.

volunteer role descriptions

studio operations

  • Volunteer roles include: reception, hospitality, storage/inventory, studio optics, tour guide, art exhibition monitor
  • Volunteers commit to 10 volunteer dates (20 hours) at the time the agreement is signed.
  • At the end of a ten-session term, an evaluation/reflection occurs.  The completed agreements provide a basis for ‘Letters of Reference’, ‘resume updates’ and other performance-based assessments if these are requested by the artist.
  • Volunteers having completed their ten-session term are invited to consider a different Studio Operations role.
  • Volunteers who have rotated through all Studio Operations roles are highly valued role at SC and are recognized for their ability to:
    • Orient and support other volunteers in their ‘Studio Operations’ role.
    • Substitute for volunteers unable to complete their shift.
    • Assist with the improvement of  ‘Volunteer Program Development’ .

creative techniques presenter
creative techniques group workshops occur 1:00 – 3:00PM, daily.

  • Knowledgeable, skilled and experienced in the technique (tools, materials, applications) being presented
  • Comfortable speaking to demonstrating the technique to a small group and facilitating their exploration of a specific medium.
  • Emphasis of the instruction is on the process (technique) not the product.

studio central café performer
café central performances occur 3:00 – 3:30PM, daily.

  • Performing artists include poets and writers, musicians, singer song writers, story tellers, actors, and dancers.  Exercise and stretching is a weekly part of  “Cafe Central”
  • Performances encourage dialogue among local artists, visitors, funders, local business/ organizations and other service providers.
  • Performer engages the audience in their performances
  • Cafe Central provides a safe and supportive rehearsal opportunity for the artist

ready to volunteer?

Download the application form below, and submit it in person to Studio Central, or via email to studiocentral@artbeatstudio.ca.

Download Application Here!